It has only been three months since Avallain introduced language switching, video subtitles and many other useful features in Avallain Author version 4.8. Since then, our customers have not only been asking for new options and Activity Type variants to further individualise their users’ learning experience, but for enhanced maths options as well. Thus, seamless GeoGebra integration is becoming a reality with Avallain Author version 4.9.

More options to enhance the learning experience

This time, the focus of the Avallain Author update lies on taking the next big step towards the future when it comes to teaching and learning mathematics in the digital age, and on making things easier for content creators and learners alike.


The existing Text Correction Activity Type asks learner to both identify and correct mistakes in text. In the spirit of providing even more flexibility to realise various didactic concepts, Avallain Author 4.9 introduces Autocorrect exercises. This new Activity Type only requires learners to find mistakes and corrects them automatically. This enables our customers to train their learners’ ability to understand written text, audios, videos or images and recognise mistakes.

Flash first answer

This new Specific Option allows exercises to automatically display the first answer. Content creators can set the duration for this on a millisecond scale to suit the individual needs of specific learners or groups. For example, an answer might be displayed long enough to be clearly recognised, so as to help the learner understand what they are supposed to do in the exercise. Or the correct answer may only be flashed for a few milliseconds to motivate the learners when starting into a new exercise.


The world’s leading dynamic mathematics software is now seamlessly integrated into Avallain Author. After purchasing the third-party licence and enabling GeoGebra in the Project Settings, it can be accessed via an icon in all of Avallain Author’s text editors without losing focus. This makes it much quicker and more efficient to add mathematical elements such as

  • Graphs
  • Formulae
  • Dynamic grids

Even better: GeoGebra objects can be embedded in any existing Activity Type. This allows the Activity Type to be validated and scored like normal, despite having GeoGebra objects embedded.

Customised colour codes for marking

The Activity Type Marking (Highlighting) can now employ a wide variety of custom colours in the Design Package. Content creators can even define “named colours”, specifying a particular colour for particular categories and labels (nouns, verbs and so on). If these exact category names are then used in the Syntax of an activity, the colours are automatically applied. This serves to streamline production workflow and increase efficiency.

Various other features included in version 4.9

Avallain Author 4.9 also includes smaller changes and enhancements such as the ability to easily copy and paste Bookmarker Hotspots from one page to another.

“All of these changes,” says Max Bondi, Product Manager Avallain Author, “are aimed at improving both our customers’ workflow and, in turn, the learning experience of their users. We are eager to see this newest version of Avallain Author bring e-learning to a new level and we look forward to hearing from our customers about it. Once the jump to 4.10 happens in 12 weeks’ time, they will be happy to find much of their feedback incorporated into this new version of Avallain Author as well.”



Daniel Seuling, Head of Communications