Once again, we at Avallain have listened closely to our customers’ feedback, implementing suggestions with the latest update to the industry-leading authoring solution Avallain Author. Version 4.7 introduced all-new features for creating new types of engaging learning materials, such as dialogue recording capabilities and the new Proofing Activity Type. This time around, our clients have been asking us to include additional options to further individualise existing activity types – and Avallain Author version 4.8 delivers.

Enhancing learning materials

The new features introduced with Avallain Author 4.8 are focused on providing content creators with additional options. This includes greater possibilities when designing for mobile devices and international audiences:

Language Switch

Avallain Author users can now give learners the ability to change languages via a drop-down-menu quickly. The static text of an activity, including Rubric, Supplements, Attachments, Hints and Activity Feedback, and even the text entered in the content area for specific Activity Types such as Gap Text or Radio Buttons, can be translated into as many languages as the content creators wish. Adapting content to the international market has never been easier.

Question Display

Version 4.8 adds two new values to this Specific Option, allowing our users to set two new behaviours for activities:

“Show next”: After selecting an answer (Radio Buttons) or checking the maximum number of answers (Checkboxes), follow-up questions are automatically displayed underneath the previous question.

“Show next and hide current one on click”: This option functions as the “Show next” option, except it replaces previous questions with new ones instead of displaying new questions underneath old ones.

Both of these options are particularly useful for learners using mobile devices, as they can move from question to question without having their screens cluttered. Thus, learners are not overwhelmed with questions and feel more motivated to answer them.

Order Dependency

This Content Area Option is now also available for learning activities using Radio Buttons. The option gives content creators the ability to create chains of questions dependent on each other: To gain full points, learners must answer the first question correctly and show that they have gained an evidence-based understanding of the topic at hand.

Video subtitles

Today’s learners demand even more sophisticated content. Motion video content, in particular, has become more and more important and thus, Avallain Author 4.8 now includes options for video subtitles for which we have improved the Design Pack support:

“Subtitles”: This option draws from the script of the video to display synchronised subtitles.

“Transcript”: This option opens the transcript and highlights the parts that are spoken in real time.In addition to helping learners digest the information contained in a video, these options are particularly useful for language courses, as they allow learners to follow active speech even more precisely.

Numerous additional improvements

Avallain Author 4.8 also includes a number of features aimed at improving usability and workflow for our clients. One example which Max Bondi, Product Manager Avallain Author, points out, is working with third-party resources:

“Third-party compatibility is especially relevant to content creators drawing from previously developed materials. Thus, version 4.8 now allows our users to include digital learning materials which were not created with Avallain Author as hotspots in e-books, or resources within desktop or mobile apps. Users who do not have the time to use our conversion and migration possibilities to optimise their long-term content strategy can easily include legacy materials quickly whenever the market requires it.”

Aside from new features, Avallain Author 4.8 also includes many overall improvements to its performance and security, as Max Bondi points out:

“All-in-all, we have included about 240 code improvements in this version of our authoring tool. We are certain our customers will use both the new options as well as the countless overall improvements to provide learners with the best learning experience yet.”

With the next update to Avallain Author scheduled to release in only 12 weeks, Avallain is sure to include any feedback our users may have regarding version 4.8.




Daniel Seuling, Head of Communications, dseuling@avallain.com