The name Avallain has always been synonymous with customer-centric design and continuous improvements based on proven technology. Avallain Author version 4.6 once again reflects this philosophy by introducing an additional Activity Type as well as three new usability features designed to ensure a deeper and more intuitive learning experience.

Four new features to improve education

Learning materials created with Avallain Author can now cater to the needs of specific learners even more effectively, creating a highly individualised learning environment. As Max Bondi, Product Manager for Avallain Author, observes:

“We pride ourselves on listening closely to our customers’ feedback. And this time, their feedback has been: More Maths activities and more options for learner feedback!”

Thus, Avallain Author 4.6 adds:

  • New Activity Type: Maths Quizzes

  • The ability to check answers one-by-one

  • Item-specific feedback options

  • The ability to easily clear annotations in digital books

Together, these new features offer the best Avallain Author experience yet, both for learners and teachers as well as content creators.

Maths Quizzes

This new Activity Type is a variation on Wiris Quizzes. It allows learners to input any kind of mathematical formula as an answer in maths tasks. The easy-to-use interface allows even complex mathematical formulae to be entered quickly and conveniently, while touchscreen device users can use advanced text recognition technology for handwritten input.

Checking answers one-by-one

Avallain Author 4.6 includes a new practice mode in which the current screen remains active even when learners click on the “check answers” button. This allows them to check individual answers one-by-one instead of having to finish the entire task before receiving any feedback. This can very positively impact learner motivation, as users can now review their work directly during their learning process.

Item-specific feedback

Version 4.6 also includes the option of adding item-specific feedback to tasks. In many Activity Types, it is even possible to display different kinds of feedback according to whether the answer was correct or incorrect. Moreover, feedback can come in the form of text, audio or video, which means that incorrect answers can prompt immediate feedback, explaining even very complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way.

Clearing annotations

For more convenience when reading heavily annotated texts, learners are now given the ability to clear all annotations from digital books created with the Bookmaker. They can also choose whether to clear annotations from the entire book or the current page only. This allows your learners to individualise their learning environment, preventing confusion and improving their learning success.

Further enhancements are on the way

We are certain that these new features will allow your learners to engage more easily and intuitively with the learning materials you create with Avallain Author. Version 4.6 provides you with options for creating the best learning materials possible. All the tools are within our customers’ grasp now, so they can show us what they can do with them. We are eagerly waiting to see how our customers will enhance their learning materials and we will take our observations with us to the next batch of new features, released with Avallain Author version 4.7 twelve weeks from now.



Daniel Seuling, Head of Communications,