Gamification features and many new ways to individualise Learning Objects, with the help of a plethora of new options and functions for creators of digital educational content. After introducing Karaoke in 4.11, Avallain Author 4.12 now offers an additional Activity Type for gamified learning: “Hangman”. In addition, content creators gain access to multiple new options they can use to create bespoke learning environments for an even more individual learning experience.

New Activity Type: “Hangman”

Learning Objects can now include a Hangman-style puzzle game in which learners are required to choose from among various letters to fill the gaps in a short phrase or text. Correct answers are automatically revealed while incorrect choices use up one of a predetermined number of chances until either the correct answer is revealed in its entirety or the learner runs out of attempts.

This new Activity Type can be used to improve learner motivation through gamification. Content creators can determine how many chances learners get to guess correctly and they can choose at which point the correct answer is revealed and scored. The “Hangman” Activity Type is fully customisable using the Design Packages, allowing content creators to set up a large number of different games using the same game logic.

Avallain Author’s Enterprise clients are free to change the name, as the traditional label “Hangman” can be seen as politically incorrect. This feature actually applies to all Activity Types, so users can further individualise their authoring experience and align it to their business culture.

New Option: Reset Whole LO

Offer your learners a do-over using this new option. When enabled, learners can choose to reset all activities within a Learning Object by clicking on a single button. They are then taken back to the beginning of the very first interactive activity of the Learning Object. This option saves time when choosing to re-do an entire Learning Object.

New Syntax: Item-specific feedback per attempt

Avallain Author users can now use the Check Max Attempts option to determine item-specific text feedback. Learners receive this feedback when they reach certain thresholds. For example, when a learner still hasn’t found the solution after the third attempt, the feedback might provide more specific clues to the correct answer to give them that final ‘push’ and an adaptive learning experience.

New Values: Send Scores

Content creators can now limit how many times learners are allowed to submit their scores. The new options include unlimited submissions as well as one submission only. Thus, users of Avallain Author can choose whether learners will need to make every submission count or get to try again and again.

New enhancements: eBook linking, fluid learning environments and improved Metadata Editor

Avallain Author version 4.12 also includes several general enhancements designed to allow content creators and learners to fully express their creativity:

  • The new Content Message syntax enables Avallain Author users to link to specific eBook pages from within a Learning Object as long as both are mounted within the Avallain Unity Platform.
  • When integrated into the Avallain Unity Platform, learners can now go back and forth between Learning Objects using a single button. Thus, moving between Learning Objects is now easier than ever and provides a smooth experience when navigating through the learning software.
  • The Learning Object Metadata Editor has been enhanced to give content creators the ability to modify multiple instances of metadata simultaneously. In addition, the user interface has been simplified and streamlined to enable more efficiency when creating or editing metadata.   

New enhancements are on the horizon

Avallain Author version 4.12 is bigger and better than ever thanks to a multitude of new activities, options and improvements. “That’s what it’s all about,” says Max Bondi, Product Manager Avallain Author. “With every new version, Avallain Author has become more powerful, more sophisticated and more accessible. Likewise, the learning objects created by our customers have become ever more effective and innovative at teaching learners all over the world. We are sure that “Hangman” and all of the other enhancements in this version will once again inspire content creators to create the best e-learning materials they can. We will be taking a good look at how they use the new functionalities and use their feedback to further enhance the program with Avallain Author 4.13, coming in three months.”


Daniel Seuling, Head of Communications