More options mean more individualised learning experiences. Avallain Author update 4.10 demonstrated this by giving content creators more creative freedom when designing text boxes and feedback dialogue. Among other enhancements, Avallain Author version 4.11 now focuses on new options to plot out individual paths that learners can take through the materials.

New Option: Adaptive Learning

With Avallain Author version 4.11, content creators can further individualise their learners’ learning experiences according to each student’s personal progress: Using the LO Option Show Forward, content creators can lead learners to different screens according to their performance on the current screen.

For example, learners who score below 50 % can be sent to an additional screen for further revision, while learners scoring above that margin will be moved on to the next part of the exercise. This allows learners to organically improve upon subjects they struggle with while other learners can quickly move past exercises at which they already excel.

New Syntax: Karaoke

Avallain Author 4.10 encouraged learners to let their voices be heard – version 4.11 teaches them how to sing: Content creators can now highlight song lyrics progressively in sync with a chosen piece of music. The lyrics can be highlighted either sentence by sentence, word by word, syllable by syllable or letter by letter. This is ideal for language courses, as it allows learners to playfully internalise different aspects of a language, such as vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. For increased customisation options, various highlighting styles and colours can be chosen via the Design Pack.

New Option Value: Try again: Hide at 100 %

When creating Learning Objects with the option Try Again, content creators can now make Avallain Author automatically hide the Try Again button once learners have achieved 100 % – even if they still have attempts left. This improves self-paced learning, as learners who achieve 100 % at a task can move on to the following exercises quicker.

New functionality: Design Pack customisation

Content creators with the Project Manager role can now make small adjustments to the look and feel of learning materials, such as changing a logo or introducing new icons without replacing the entire Design Pack. This can significantly improve workflow, as individual design elements may be changed quickly and easily without altering the overall design.

New functionality: Publishing with individual Design Packs

Avallain Author 4.11 includes a new function which allows content creators to export Learning Objects together with the Design Packs which were assigned to them in Avallain Author. Multiple Learning Objects can be exported and published together, and the correct Design Packs will be automatically applied to them. This vastly improves the workflow when publishing multiple Learning Objects using different Design Packs within the same project.

New Bookmaker functionality: Pen and highlighter tool thickness

When working on eBooks, content creators can now choose the thickness of the highlighter tool. This opens up new ways to structure highlights in eBooks. For example, content creators may choose to use different pen sizes and colours to differentiate information pertaining to specific subjects within an eBook.

More options for greater creative freedom and individualised learning

Avallain Author 4.11 is all about allowing content creators to further personalise their learning materials. “Individualisation is key to learning success,” says Max Bondi, Product Manager Avallain Author. “That is why the most recent version of Avallain Author focuses on giving content creators more options to plot out adaptive learning paths for their learners to take. We already look forward to seeing in which new directions our customers will take their learners using these new options and functionalities.”

The next version of Avallain Author will be rolled out in 12 weeks. It will build upon our customers’ feedback on the changes made in this update.




Daniel Seuling, Head of Communications