When it comes to formal education, the Austrian government has a clear goal for the near future – more digital learning content in schools. VERITAS, Austria’s largest and most innovative educational publisher, is set to lead the way by providing interactive textbooks as well as content which supports the entire learning process with performance-based personalized feedback. With their internationally-renowned partner Avallain, VERITAS will turn the dream of adaptive learning within heterogeneous groups into a reality. Schools across Austria stand to benefit from this unique collaboration.

Turning experience into innovation

Starting as a small publishing house, VERITAS has had some 70 years to grow and expand. Today, it is hard to find an Austrian school that does not rely on VERITAS textbooks. The publishing house has managed to achieve this status by conforming to the highest standards of quality and by always keeping up with the latest innovations in education theory and technology. It is no wonder, then, that among the large number of potential partners, they have decided to work hand in hand with Avallain to create groundbreaking digital education solutions.

A strong partnership, ready to make a difference

“We are particularly impressed with the great versatility of Avallain Author and Avallain Unity”, says VERITAS Managing Director Manfred Meraner. “Thanks to its highly modular design, we can fully adapt Avallain Unity to our specific requirements. But most importantly, it allows us to cater to the changing needs of each individual learner. At the same time, we can use Avallain Author to create educational content that is independent from any potential changes in technology, thanks to its object-oriented approach. This makes it easy to quickly react to technological innovations and to deliver high-quality educational content to schools.”

VERITAS and Avallain are already working on their first big project, an extensive e-learning suite for interactive textbooks that will be able to react to local requirements quickly and with a great amount of precision. Avallain has already established its expertise by working with leading institutions such as Oxford University Press, Westermann and Pearson on similar projects. This great wealth of experience now stands to benefit VERITAS – and the Austrian educational system.

“Working with VERITAS is a real opportunity for us to update the educational material available in Austrian schools for the requirements of the 21st century”, says Ignatz Heinz, Managing Director and co-founder of Avallain. “VERITAS has made a name for itself by being a great innovator in the field of education, and that is a perfect match for Avallain. Together, we can use the most advanced digital technologies to provide learners all across Austria with the exact educational content that they are looking for – the kind that is both fun and effective.”



Daniel Seuling, Head of Communications, dseuling@avallain.com