Are you struggling to publish rich, innovative products to an ever-increasing number of devices? Do you find it a challenge to control costs while maintaining compatibility with thousands of smartphones and tablets? More than ever, digital publishers are facing the risk of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) spiralling out of control and drawing investment away from creative authorship and publishing. With Avallain Author and Unity, you can innovate and keep control at the same time.

Publish once, deploy many times

Modern students and educators expect to learn and teach anywhere and anytime, making the most of the past decade’s explosion in mobile technologies. For publishers and content producers, this is both a commercial opportunity, and a threat. There are new providers and devices appearing for each niche in the marketplace, splintering distribution and pricing models, and creating ever more quality control demands. However, investment budgets for digital publishers do not tend to grow at the same rate.

What is needed is a technology that takes care of compatibility and delivery, and allows digital publishers to stay focused on innovation in content and interfaces. Avallain has spent years researching and innovating in some of the most challenging infrastructure environments, such as Africa, South America – and not least – the still poorly-connected and equipped classrooms in continental Europe. We have delivered digital learning across many technical divides, while keeping a lid on costs. Avallain’s current publishing technologies benefit from all this experience and represent a third generation solution to the “publish once, deploy many times” challenge.

A technology in layers: making the complex, simple.

Avallain Author gives publishers the means to prepare the highest quality learning resources with a customized user experience, then quality check them, and deploy them offline and online to desktops, tablets and smartphone apps. These apps may be either standalone offerings like the Award Winning Mazes for Richmond (Santillana), or integrated within the Avallain Unity learning platform as a standard companion app, as in UDP Access environment created for the University of Dayton Publishing (Grupo SM). Content generated in Avallain Author may also be published in standard formats into third party applications.

To enable publishers to author and QA once and deploy many times, Avallain’s technical architecture separates the presentation, interaction and communication features of the content from the destination environment and the native code needed for each situation. xAPI (TinCan) communication is employed to allow seamless synchronization between the devices and platforms and data warehouses. The underlying cross-platform technology is one of the current leading industry standards. It operates on existing and forthcoming devices, such as Raspberry Pi and Automobile Dashboard systems. The architecture works for any type of Avallain Author content, from digital books to collections of simple learning objects, to more complex, bespoke creations like the Richmond Mazes.

Cost-effective, stimulating learning – whatever the device

Developing and maintaining learning applications across the expanding technology landscape, while keeping control of cost and quality, is perhaps the single greatest commercial challenge faced by digital publishers. Avallain is the ideal partner to help you meet that challenge. Already, many of the world’s leading educational publishers and institutions are using Avallain Author to save time and money. And that is time and money that they are now able to spend doing what they do best: creating a viable, differentiated and stimulating learning experience – whatever the device.


Daniel Seuling, Head of Communications,