Difusión – one of the leading publishers of educational material for Spanish as a Foreign or Second Language – and Avallain have been running and continuously enhancing the powerful online ELE platform Campus Difusión since 2015. Built using Avallain Unity’s modular architecture and filled with high-quality interactive content created with the powerful authoring features of Avallain Author, the innovative freemium platform has since become the premier online Spanish learning and teaching solution worldwide. Now, with the increasing significance of mobile devices for learners and teachers alike, the platform innovates yet again – with the new free Campus Difusión mobile app, powered by Avallain Non-Stop.

Sophisticated software, created with reliable technology

We were one of the first companies to recognise the full potential of mobile output for educational software back in 2007. Thus, we started developing Avallain Non-Stop, our groundbreaking mobile app architecture. Today, Avallain Non-Stop is in its 3rd generation, fully reliable and refined for the needs of the education industry. It has already proven itself as an architecture for numerous learning and teaching applications.

Features of the Campus Difusión mobile app

The Campus Difusión app is an interactive mobile learning and teaching application for Spanish. It functions as an addition to Campus Difusión, allowing users to download the app for free and use their existing Campus Difusión login information. Thanks to Avallain Non-Stop, the Campus app is being made available as dedicated versions for both Android and iOS devices, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the device used. For full multi-device flexibility, MS Windows and Mac OS desktop versions are also available.

Only a few months after the initial launch, more than 4’000 users have already taken advantage of this easy-to-use yet highly effective mobile addition to the Campus. They were among the first to enhance their learning experiences with the many features the Campus Difusión app has to offer, such as:

  • More than 150 high-quality dynamic videos

  • More than 2’000 self-correcting exercises for learners

  • Fully interactive digital Spanish textbooks

  • Teaching Materials such as worksheets, class competitions etc.

Aware of the benefits of mobile devices as well as their limitations, the Campus Difusión app can also be used to download this educational content, allowing teachers and learners to use it offline. This is a significant advantage when using unreliable wireless connections or mobile devices with no wireless capabilities at all.

A partnership driven by innovation

Using Avallain Non-Stop to create their mobile app, Difusión have shown yet again that its focus on constant innovation makes it a perfect fit for Avallain.

“We are delighted to have such a reliable partner,” say joint Difusión CEOs Katia Coppola and Jaime Sala. “Their experience and efficiency have not only helped turn Campus Difusión into the number one resource for Spanish learners and teachers – but it has also been instrumental in the successful development and launch of our first mobile app.”

We, in turn, appreciate the close partnership, as Ignatz Heinz, Co-founder and Managing Director of Avallain, puts it: “Difusión is not only a leading company in the education sector, they have proven time and again that they are willing to go the extra mile to provide their users with innovative and effective educational software on all available devices. We are glad to be on the cutting edge of the industry with them.” This sentiment is mirrored by Katia Coppola and Jaime Sala: “We are already looking for new ways to enhance Campus Difusión and its mobile app in the future, and we are excited to say that Avallain technology will play a huge part in this.”

The app has already helped the company in taking the first big step towards this future, as they have gained the ability to create individual course-specific apps for mobile devices in addition to software marketed on physical media like USB sticks. By choosing Avallain Non-Stop, they thus stand to improve their market share in areas with strong preferences towards offline digital distribution models, such as China and the USA.

The Campus Difusión mobile app is set for further growth

Of course, this focus on further development also includes the app itself. Both companies are determined to use all of the advantages of mobile devices to further enhance learners’ individual learning experiences and improve options for teachers by allowing interactive learning materials to be accessed and shared from anywhere.We are already developing new features to be included in future versions of the Campus app, such as the option for teachers to ask live questions or screen sharing capabilities for students. Thus, we are sure to provide Spanish learners and teachers with the best possible user experience to support their education on- and off-Campus.




Daniel Seuling, Head of Communications, dseuling@avallain.com