Custom Learning Platforms, solved.

A highly robust and customisable learning platform architecture with countless features for implementing your bespoke learning management system to publish, deliver, monitor and market digital educational content.

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Main Features

Tailored to educational publishing

  • Benefit from the software architecture that powers over 30 leading learning management systems, reaching over 15 million users in 150 countries
  • Develop your bespoke learning management system and create engaging digital classrooms
  • Choose between book-based, course-based, gamified, and adaptive access paradigms
  • Benefit from user management and learning administration models adaptable to diverse publishing markets
  • Create interactive educational content with Avallain Author, then use Avallain Unity to deliver it to your target audience in the blink of an eye

Build your own cutting-edge learning management system

  • Features range from user roles, assignments and multiple grade reporting scales to messaging and sharing functions
  • Easy e-commerce integration: Market and sell your content with flexible and seamlessly-integrated licensing and distribution models
  • Big data made smart: Collect insightful data to help improve individual learning experiences – while fully meeting local ethical and legal regulations
  • Online and offline management functionality: Always keep users up-to-date, thanks to the smart synchronising system

Avallain Unity enables the development and deployment of tailored learning management systems with full control over the customisation of each of the elements required according to the technical and functional needs of each client.

Fully customisable system

  • Design a custom user interface, user experience as well as menu structures for your LMS
  • Adapt the management system to your corporate and product identity
  • Select and customise access ways and tools within the management system

Enterprise integration and support capacity

  • The system architecture can be integrated with your digital landscape as well as 3rd-party solutions
  • Features granular roles and rights in the back-end management system
  • Cloud-based and traditional hosting options for your LMS
  • Proven high-level stability and performance

Renowned organisations around the world use our system architecture as their primary learning management and platform solution.

Open architecture that fully supports all relevant standards

  • The modular system architecture enables you to build your bespoke learning platform while keeping the developing, updating and troubleshooting processes simple
  • Ruby, React, HTML modern development approach
  • xAPI, LTI, SCORM support
  • Learning Record Store (LRS)
  • Can be adapted for processing non-standard and legacy content

Microservice and APIs

  • Microservice-based software architecture
  • Full SSO support
  • Enterprise-class Content Delivery Network

Learner management – anytime, anywhere

  • Manage scores and communications over multiple devices
  • Sync course levels and educational material over multiple devices
  • Full mobile and desktop app support

Our customers use Avallain Unity to create and maintain some of the world’s most extensive learning management systems, many of which have won prestigious international awards.

The Advantages of Avallain Unity

Focus on publishing

Avallain Unity has been designed specifically with the needs of educational publishing in mind, offering various access paradigms as well as advanced user management and learning administration features.

Make it your own

Build your own learning platform, tailored specifically to your corporate and product identity. Use our software system to create fully individualised user interfaces as well as course and content flows tailored to your target audiences.

Best-of-breed solutions for your LMS

Use a variety of customisable options for learner management, including user roles, assignments, multiple grade reporting scales, messaging, sharing and more.

Fully modular system architecture

Create your bespoke learning platform without over-complicating the development, updating or troubleshooting processes.

Benefit from bespoke solutions

Thanks to being a fully modular system, Avallain Unity can be enhanced with custom modules developed for your use exclusively.


Get the most out of your platform by connecting it intelligently with our other products, services or third-party solutions.

Works with third-party software

The learning management system can communicate or integrate with third-party tools or other educational platforms.

Multi-device and cross-medium

Make your platform and its contents easily accessible on mobile and desktop devices, both online and offline. Ensure that all users are up-to-date with our smart synchronising system.

E-commerce and monetisation options

The management system includes integrated support for financial transactions such as flexible pricing, licensing, upgrades and in-app purchasing.

Big data: Insightful, ethical and safe

Improve your platform and educational materials thanks to valuable insights into user behaviour and performance on your learning management system. Create individualised learning experiences within the boundaries of local ethical and legal regulations.

High-performance hosting and cutting-edge security system

Platforms based on our software are compatible with dedicated or shared cloud-based hosting solutions to provide the highest levels of security and performance.

Discover how our customers use Avallain Unity to create award-winning, market-leading e-learning solutions.

Katia Coppola and Jaime Sala



"We are delighted to share Campus Difusión with students and teachers, confident that it is true to our core values of exceptional quality and innovation. Campus Difusión represents a step-change not only in the way teachers and students engage, learn and teach, but also in the way we as publishers aid those interactions with enhanced content and meaningful, pedagogically useful tools. It also marks a new era in our own digital workflows, in which we are now using Avallain’s platforms to publish even more quickly and responsively."

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Oxford University Press (Kerboodle)

An inspiring online learning platform for more than 6 million learners and teachers, provided by Oxford University Press using Avallain Author and Avallain Unity.

National Geographic Learning | Cengage

A flexible, multi-language platform for primary-level English-language learners, created by National Geographic Learning with Avallain Author and Avallain Unity.

Westermann (Thinking and Numeracy)

A state-of-the-art learning platform based on Avallain Unity, offering fully interactive textbooks with unique and differentiated learning paths as well as digital resources created with Avallain Author.

University of Dayton (UDP Access)

An English-language learning platform, specially designed for classrooms in Latin America, featuring online/offline delivery via Avallain Unity as well as interactive textbooks and activities created with Avallain Author.

Difusión (Campus Difusión)

An online learning platform featuring numerous language teaching videos, digital activities and interactive Difusión textbooks, created with Avallain Author, as well as flexible tools for enhanced learning provided by Avallain Unity and a native mobile app created with Avallain Non-Stop.

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