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An all-in-one learning management system (LMS) and learning experience platform (LXP). Enhance your content and launch your personalised learning platform with cutting-edge features that help you deliver, analyse and improve the digital education experience.

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The all-in-one learning management system

Main Features


  • Full integration with Avallain Author, our leading online authoring tool to create, design and manage bespoke interactive learning content and publish it instantly
  • Create fluid courses with the built-in player to pass from one learning object to the next

Planning & Individualisation

  • Powerful AI-based recommendation engines suggest learning content that can guide your learners to work toward specific skill sets to make learning more engaging, adaptive and effective
  • Learners can create their own learning paths that best match their learning style and requirements for learning

With Avallain Magnet, organisations of any size can launch their own learning management system (LMS) and Learning Experience Platform (LXP) instantly and with no setup cost, offering teachers and learners cutting edge learning management features. Thanks to its seamless integration with Avallain Author, you have unlimited possibilities to create and publish high-quality educational content anytime, anywhere.

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Personalised and Social Learning

  • Powerful and intuitive dashboards which provide learners with quick access to their courses, progress reports and most important statistics on their courses
  • Tools for teachers designed to offer live teaching sessions either in groups or one-to-one
  • Rewards, badges and certification as incentives to keep learners motivated

Teaching & Training

  • Quick upload of own files such as videos, audios, PDFs and similar
  • Grading and reporting with the option to review each single answer
  • Possibility to manually mark written and audio exercises
  • Accommodate live teaching and training sessions
  • Easily create groups of learners

Avallain Magnet offers a fully-featured learning management system (LMS) and learning experience platform (LXP) interface with which teachers can easily assign courses to their learners, according to their needs and preferences. Learners can also build their own learning path or receive recommendations with the help of a powerful engine, developed with data-driven AI technology that creates personalised learning experiences.

Connecting & Mentoring

  • Built-in live messaging
  • Seamless sharing of uploaded content between learners and teachers
  • Mentoring and coaching through live sessions and manually marked exercises
  • Collaborative learning in groups

Product Management

  • Organise your learning content into courses
  • Organise your courses into products
  • A powerful built-in token system to support diverse commercial models
  • Generate unlimited amounts for products and tokens

With Avallain Magnet learning management system (LMS), learners can obtain reports of their progress in all their courses. Teachers can also visualise this data and obtain full comprehension of the performance, learning paths, and areas of improvement of their students. With these resources, they can create more engaging and effective courses with measurable learning successes.

User Management

  • Teacher and learner end-user roles to support various learning scenarios
  • Process to bulk-create end-users and groups
  • View users and groups with numerous filtering options
  • Quickly invite new end-users
  • Quickly identify inactive end-users and deactivate them to stay cost-efficient
  • Create separate portals for each of your (business) customers
  • Customise text, logos and colours for each portal

Analysing & Reporting

  • Dashboards with statistics on courses and learners
  • Gradebook that captures and measures all of the end-users’ learning activities
  • Detailed reports for all end-users and groups that can be viewed directly in Avallain Magnet or be exported as CSV
The Advantages of Avallain Magnet

Ready-to-use solution, instantly available with no setup costs

Avallain Magnet is an all-in-one learning management system (LMS) that enables the immediate implementation of digital learning content in a fully intuitive user interface, developed with cutting-edge LMS and LXP features of the market.

Fully integrated with Avallain Author

With its rich set of pre-designed LMS and LXP features, Avallain Magnet works 100 % integrated with Avallain Author, giving content creators all the benefits of our powerful online authoring tool, combined with the speed, accessibility and simplicity of Avallain Magnet.

Easy-to-use management tools

With several configurable onboarding and payment options to fit you and your users’ needs, Avallain Magnet offers the possibility to create separate portals for each of your customers, with customised text, logos and colours for each portal.

Full control over your business model

By using Avallain Magnet’s product and user management features, you can organise learning content into courses, courses into products and distribute them via the built-in token system to fee-paying subscribers. In addition, you can bulk create users and groups with streamlined process features and view users/groups with filtering for role, course and status.

Intelligent analysis and report generation

Avallain Magnet’s gradebook captures and measures all of the end-users’ learning activities, with the possibility to consult activity screens to see exactly how the learner responded. With a powerful dashboard with the most important statistics regarding courses and learners, you can easily obtain detailed reports for users and groups.

Setting up

✓ Shared cloud-based hosting

✓ No setup cost

✓ Immediately available

✓ Add your own logo

Product Management

✓ Organise courses into products

✓ Built-in token system to support diverse commercial models

✓ Unlimited amount of products and tokens


✓ Unlimited number of courses (fair-use)

✓ Seamless and instant publishing

✓ Built-in player to create fluid courses

✓ Quick upload of your own files (video, audio, PDF)

Teaching and Training

✓ Possibility to manually and seamlessly mark written and audio exercises

✓ Live online teaching and mentoring through individual sessions or group sessions via Magnet Rooms or Zoom (separate Zoom account required)

✓ Teacher Dashboards with statistics on courses and learners

✓ Built-in live messaging

✓ Sharing of uploaded content between learners and teachers

✓ Accommodate live teaching and training session

Learning Management

✓ Intuitive and personalised Learner Dashboards

✓ AI-based recommendation engine for individual learning paths

✓ Social Learning capabilities and Learning Groups

✓ Badges, certifications and incentives for learners

User Management

✓ Dedicated user roles for teachers and learners

✓ Process to bulk-create end-users and groups

✓ Separate portals for each of your customers, with your own logo

✓ Grading and reporting with the option to review each single answer

✓ Quickly identify inactive end-users and deactivate them to stay cost-efficient

Discover how our customers use Avallain Magnet to create award-winning, market-leading e-learning solutions.

Chris Moore

Managing Director

Specialist Language Courses

"Working with Avallain enables SLC to provide universities, schools, healthcare employers and medical professionals and students around the world with a unique range of specialist medical English and test preparation materials. Avallain Author allows us to create an unparalleled variety of learning activities for students. Avallain Magnet provides us - and our partners and teachers - with the ability to track student progress, review their work and manage courses in detail. Our partnership with Avallain has been integral to our success, and we are excited to see how we will work together in the future."

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