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The world’s most flexible and powerful eLearning authoring tool. Quickly and easily create original, interactive and responsive educational content - all with zero coding or development required.

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Main Features

Support for various learning typologies

  • Use our industry-leading e-learning authoring tool to create thousands of bespoke learning activity templates, combining over 40 Activity Types with more than 200 options
  • Quickly design unique Activity Types for your Learning Objects based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Benefit from subject-specific features such as dialogue recording for language courses or GeoGebra integration for maths courses

Complete control over UI and Design

  • Use Avallain Author’s preconfigured activity layouts and Design Pack or the SDK that allows you, third-party developers or us to create highly individualised user interfaces – in line with your corporate identity and target audience
  • The fully responsive HTML 5 framework of the e-learning authoring tool enables a flawless user experience on any device, from desktop to mobile
  • Content is stored separately from the presentation layer, providing maximum flexibility and eliminating the risk of breaking the entire program when changing content or presentation

Our customers use Avallain Author in combination with our learning management products Avallain Magnet or Avallain Unity to create and deliver award-winning and market-leading e-learning solutions.

Optimised enterprise publishing workflow

  • Easy conversion of book pages to interactive e-books for digital publishing
  • Granular roles and rights, ideally suited for teams of all sizes
  • Stress-free importing and exporting from DAM and XML sources

Open architecture that fully supports all relevant standards

  • Efficiently publish content using the online authoring tool’s HTML5-based engine
  • Full support for SCORM, LTI, xAPI (TinCan), ePUB, and HTML5
  • XML-based storage format

As a pioneer in its field, Avallain Author is today one of the most flexible and powerful e-learning authoring tools in the market.

Microservice and APIs

  • Avallain Author’s software architecture is built on Microservice
  • Authoring tool with full SSO support

Publish once, deliver everywhere

  • Avallain Author exports objects in all standard formats
  • Publish your e-learning content easily and instantly to your learning platform powered by Avallain Magnet or Avallain Unity
  • Supports LTI-based content hosting and access management
  • The integrated Product Builder can be used to create new software products as applications (Windows, Mac, Linux or web-based) and offline as well as mobile apps
The Advantages of Avallain Author

Limitless education opportunities

Avallain Author’s support for different learning typologies is unmatched. It allows you to create sheer endless variations of activity types for digital educational courses in all subject areas.

Design with maximum freedom, flexibility, and control

The Design Pack SDK enables you to develop engaging and cutting-edge user interfaces as well as course designs, tailored to your CI and target audience.

Simplifying a complex workflow

The e-learning authoring tool is designed to streamline the workflow of large and even decentralised teams, supporting all your digital publishing needs.

Open standards, no lock-in

The e-learning authoring tool fully supports all relevant standards, allowing you to integrate it seamlessly into existing structures, preventing previous work from becoming incompatible with later standards.


Get the most out of your online authoring tool by connecting it intelligently with our other products or third-party solutions.

Multi-device and cross-medium

Create your digital educational materials with Avallain Author, then use Avallain Magnet or Avallain Unity for digital publishing, delivering your e-learning content to any device, medium, or platform. Simplify digital publishing to Learning Management Systems or native mobile apps.

Always up-to-date with advanced EdTech

Always stay one step ahead of the competition with our online authoring tool: 12-week update cycles implement cutting-edge technologies, inspired directly by customer feedback.

Safe high-performance hosting

The e-learning authoring tool features compatibility with dedicated or shared cloud-based hosting solutions to provide the highest level of security and performance.

Integrated bookmaker

The online authoring tool's seamlessly integrated Bookmaker functionality enables you to design and publish fully interactive and highly sophisticated e-books as well as readers.

Discover how our customers use Avallain Author to create award-winning, market-leading e-learning solutions.

Simon Tanner-Tremaine

Director Digital and Home/School Services

Oxford University Press

"Our long-term partnership with Avallain has given us the tools to provide teachers and learners with highly effective and enjoyable interactive software. Being among the 2018 Bett Awards finalists is the most recent achievement in a long success story of award-winning Oxford University Press products created with Avallain Author and Avallain Unity."

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Oxford University Press (Kerboodle)

An inspiring online learning platform for more than 6 million learners and teachers, provided by Oxford University Press using Avallain Author and Avallain Unity.

National Geographic Learning | Cengage

A flexible, multi-language platform for primary-level English-language learners, created by National Geographic Learning with Avallain Author and Avallain Unity.

Westermann (Thinking and Numeracy)

A state-of-the-art learning platform based on Avallain Unity, offering fully interactive textbooks with unique and differentiated learning paths as well as digital resources created with Avallain Author.

University of Dayton (UDP Access)

An English-language learning platform, specially designed for classrooms in Latin America, featuring online/offline delivery via Avallain Unity as well as interactive textbooks and activities created with Avallain Author.

Difusión (Campus Difusión)

An online learning platform featuring numerous language teaching videos, digital activities and interactive Difusión textbooks, created with Avallain Author, as well as flexible tools for enhanced learning provided by Avallain Unity and a native mobile app created with Avallain Non-Stop.

Charité Berlin

The bridge course pilot programme at the Charité Berlin: An innovative mix of performance assessment, peer-assisted learning (PAL) and online learning, created with Avallain Author.

Get certified with the Avallain Author Training & Certification Programme

Learn all about the official, fully online, Avallain Author Training & Certification Programme, and reserve a seat for your team or yourself on the next cohort available.

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Avallain Author Certified Providers

Certified Teams

The following providers have an Avallain Author Certified Team. These providers have at least three Avallain Author Certified staff and their own licence to Avallain Author.

weblink logo certified team


Date certified: 5th November 2021

Weblink Software is a complete content service provider for the ELT industry, transforming print-based content for delivery in online platforms. Trusted by the biggest publishers and the first team to be certified by Avallain, Weblink provides a hassle-free and constructive workflow to create high-quality digital outcomes.

the content station logo certified team


Date certified: 16th March 2022

The Content Station is a passionate team of educational experts, who provide high-quality print and digital content for ELT and curriculum publishers globally. They offer a range of services, including project management, content development, design and media production. They are experts in creating digital learning materials, especially in Avallain Author.

newgen logo certified team


Date certified: 25th March 2022

Newgen has been supporting publishers across traditional and emerging media for more than twenty-five years. They help create immersive and high-quality learning content for leading global publishers and educators spanning multiple industries. Newgen designs and manages content using the best of technology coupled with best-in-class subject matter expertise.


Date certified: 11th October 2022

Troika is a leading digital and print education content provider in Latin America. They work with some of the most renowned publishing houses in the market and have published over 15,000 pages of print content, over 250h of video content, nearly 500 animations and countless digital learning objects for the K-12 industry.

Certified Individuals

ELT PP Logo Certified Individuals

A large number of independent professionals are Avallain Author Certified, and these individuals advertise their services independently.
ELT Publishing Professionals provides a searchable directory of freelance Avallain Author Certified individuals operating in English Language Teaching.

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