A new exam-revision mobile application from Oxford University Press, developed in collaboration with Avallain, promises to transform the way children prepare for Kenya’s primary and secondary exams.

The ExamPoa app delivers on-demand bundles of quizzes, notes and model exams, which offer instant feedback, allowing students to test themselves, hone their studies and address areas of weakness. The app breaks new ground in distance learning for Kenyan schoolchildren, using mobile technology to reach learners throughout the vast country, and to offer them a more flexible and responsive form of study. The quizzes, notes and model exams may be downloaded and used offline, freeing learners to complete their revision anytime, anywhere. Prepared initially to support learners of English and Science at primary level, and English, Biology and History at secondary level, ExamPoa will expand over time to offer support in other subject areas.



James Ogolla, Marketing Manager at Oxford University Press East Africa said: “ExamPoa addresses an increasing demand from Kenya’s young students for digital resources that offer a level of feedback and support that is not always possible in class. Our engaging but rigorous resources, combined with Avallain’s reliable, intuitive technology, truly answer that call. We look forward to expanding the service to other areas of the curriculum.”



“We are delighted to have collaborated with Oxford University Press to develop such an innovative and valuable service for Kenya’s students,” commented Ursula Suter, Co-Founder of Avallain. “We have worked hard to ensure that our technology is appropriate to the needs of Kenya’s students, allowing them to study on a range of devices, with or without an Internet connection. But as ever, it is not the technology that we wish to be the focus, but the excitement and reward of a great learning experience. We know from early feedback from schoolchildren that ExamPoa is proving worthy of its Kiswahili name: Poa, meaning ‘good’ or ‘cool’!”

Established in 1954, Oxford University Press East Africa is a leading educational publisher in the East and Central Africa region, specializing in school textbooks and reference works. It is a branch of the International Division of Oxford University Press.

Avallain is a world leader in the provision of educational technology. Co-founded by Ursula Suter in 2002, it has provided consultancy and online tools to governments, corporations, educational publishers and institutions around the globe. Avallain’s subsidiary in Nairobi, Kenya has produced a range of groundbreaking educational products for the local education system.


Daniel Seuling, Head of Communications, dseuling@avallain.com