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Avallain and digital transformation at Eaquals Annual International Conference 2022

Max Bondi, Head of Product Management, takes the stage at Eaquals Annual International Conference 2022 and discusses ways to ensure resilience and flexibility by transitioning to a truly digital school.

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What Is eLearning Software?

Demand for engaging and informative online courses has never been greater. But producing these types of content at scale is no easy task. In this post, we’ll break down what eLearning software is and how it helps organisations create better courses.


Avallain announces the first Avallain Author Certifications

Avallain is delighted to announce the first certifications awarded under the brand new Avallain Author Training & Certification Programme.


Avallain announces the Avallain Author Training & Certification Programme

This brand-new programme combines a 6-hour video-led training course and a 2-hour certification module, everything delivered on Avallain’s powerful learning platform, Avallain Magnet,

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Creating an Online Course: 6 Essential Steps for Teachers & Trainers

Online courses help businesses and educational institutions make teaching and training more accessible for every kind of learner. But how do you create an effective one?