Release 15

Skyrocket your eLearning business with Magnet 15!

Deliver brand new learning experiences with the new Design Package Mercury Vertical, benefit from automatic email reminders for assignments, and make the most out of the latest SSO functionality per institution.

And it doesn’t stop here: Take a sneak peek at Magnet’s upcoming eCommerce feature and integration with Shopify, one of the world's leading eCommerce solutions.

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New email reminder to students with assignments pending of submission

New option to enable Google and Apple SSO on each institution

Brand new Design Package Mercury Vertical

Take a sneak peek at Magnet’s upcoming eCommerce feature

Coming soon: Avallain Magnet eCommerce and Shopify integration!

Brand new Design Package Mercury Vertical

Avallain Magnet further expands the possibilities of user experience with the new design package in Avallain Author, your seamlessly connected online authoring tool.

Mercury Vertical enables your learners to scroll through all activities in a Learning Object (LO) top to bottom, which makes it particularly useful for mobile-first learning experiences.

Please note: You will have access to the new design package by the end of June. If you want to use Mercury Vertical and can't find it in your projects in Avallain Author, please get in touch with our Customer Success team using the Live Chat.

New email reminder to students with assignments pending of submission

Students that have submitted all LOs but have not submitted the assignment yet receive a reminder per email.

Magnet Release 15 introduces an automatic email notification, which will be sent to students when they finish all the LOs included on an assignment but forget to submit the assignment for review. 

This new feature allows teachers to rely on Avallain Magnet to keep students updated on pending submissions needed to complete their assignments and, consequently, to receive feedback and continue with their learning progress. 

ORG Admins can find the new email template – named assignment_submit_reminder – in Mail Templates in the Platform Settings menu. This feature will be enabled by Avallain on all organisations as part of this release, so no further actions are required. 

New option to enable Google and Apple SSO on each institution

In Avallain Magnet Release 15, ORG Admins can now turn on or off the Single Sign-On (SSO) option for Apple and Google accounts per institution. 

This way, you gain even more options to set up your institutions individually, supporting you to allow seamless and simple registration workflows for your end users as well as addressing specific client requirements. When editing an Institution, Org Admins can find this new option in the “Institution Details” under the section called “Additional Magnet Features”.  

Note: It is still possible to control such settings at the organisation level by going to Platform Settings and entering the Settings options under Magnet Administration. 

Watch how to enable and disable SSO on institution level

Sneak peek 

Coming soon: Avallain Magnet eCommerce!

One of the most anticipated features is about to arrive in Avallain Magnet, and we want to share a sneak peek before the official launch.

You will soon be able to easily and securely integrate a Shopify shop with Avallain Magnet, and sell online courses that will be automatically added to each end user's account. In addition, each institution will have direct access to the Shopify catalogue from the Courses dashboard.

Skyrocket your online sales and business growth with this feature that opens the door to countless additional commercial models. Also, it marks the start of a series of integrations with powerful external applications that you will soon see available on Avallain Magnet. 

We will keep you informed about the imminent launch of Avallain Magnet’s eCommerce feature, and provide documentation and training on how to implement it securely and swiftly. Stay tuned!

Watch a preview of Avallain Magnet eCommerce with Shopify

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