Release 18

Certificates and badges

Avallain Magnet Release 18 provides you with the opportunity to issue badges and certificates in Avallain Magnet, thanks to a brand-new integration with Accredible. Also, check out our new product tours to discover the many exciting features of Magnet Administration. And if you are a German speaker, view the Magnet Administration interface in German!

These features and many more are included in the new Magnet 18 release.


Introducing certificates and badges

Avallain Magnet now fully integrates with third party digital certificate provider Accredible

This means that when a student fully completes a course, a certificate or badge can be automatically generated by Accredible and forwarded by email to the student without any manual intervention.

In the case of the certificate, the full name of the student is automatically imported from Magnet, placed on the certificate and forwarded to the registered email for that student on Magnet.

Setting up certificate integration for the organisation

You will need to have an account with a supported third party digital certificate platform. Avallain Magnet currently supports Accredible. 

  1. First set up an account on Accredible.  
  2. Locate the API key in your Accredible account.
  3. Copy and paste the same key into Platform Settings > Settings > accredible_api_key

For more detail, please consult the Magnet User Guide for Org Admins or  contact our Customer Success Team via the Live Chat Support.

Setting up courses to issue certificates and badges

Design a certificate or badge on Accredible.

Create a group on Accredible for each of the courses that will issue certificates and badges.

 Locate and copy the Group ID.

In Avallain Magnet, edit the course and paste the Group ID.

That's it! Your course will now issue a certificate and/or a badge once all the lessons have been completed.

For more detail, please consult the Magnet User Guide for Org Admins or contact our Customer Success Team via the Live Chat Support.

Product tours

5 new product tours

In order to help new users to Magnet Administration find their way through the interface and discover the main  features, we have created 5 new product tours.

  • Creating institutions
  • Editing a course
  • Creating a product
  • Creating a token batch
  • Creating a subscription

Simply click on the tooltips to launch the tours.

Then follow the instructions to navigate the tour.

Other updates

German interface in Magnet Administration

Magnet  18 brings you the possibility to change the Magnet Administration interface to German.


Simply go to Platform Settings -> Settings  and locate the key cms_locale.

Switch the language from English to German.

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