When it comes to aviation training, language skills are typically not the first thing that comes to mind. However, being able to quickly and successfully communicate information is a vital skill for prospective pilots. Thus, Latitude Aviation English Services Ltd. focuses exclusively on providing quality aviation English language training and testing solutions to aviation companies worldwide. Latitude now uses Avallain Author to develop and maintain Foundation, their web-based aviation English course, as well as Avallain Unity to create their bespoke learning management systems.

Focus on language: Why English skills matter in aviation

Many companies providing courses in aviation English typically do this as something of an afterthought, offering generalised English-language courses, with topics such as aviation or business English as “add-ons”. Latitude takes an entirely different approach: They provide aviation English training and testing solutions exclusively, as precise and unambiguous communication plays an immensely important role in aviation. Various international companies, from Qatar Airways to the Emirates Flight Training Academy, already rely on Latitude learning solutions to increase the language skills of their licensed operations personnel, ultimately improving overall safety standards as well.

“We were thrilled to be working with Latitude, not just because we relish working with high-quality teaching specialists, but also because of the highly specialised approach Latitude takes,” says Ignatz Heinz, Avallain Managing Director and Co-Founder. Ursula Suter, Chairwoman of the Board and Avallain Co-Founder, agrees: “Despite our wide range of customers, this clear focus on aviation English makes Latitude an entirely new type of partner for Avallain, and we are happy to bring our powerful tools into this specialised part of the language learning industry as well.”

Advanced Avallain software solutions for a niche market

Naturally, the highly specialised field of bespoke aviation English learning and testing materials offers only a limited number of customers. Thus, Latitude was looking for a premium software solution which is powerful and cost-efficient to boot. It quickly became evident that Avallain could offer precisely what they needed:

  • Avallain Author: Latitude uses the highly advanced authoring tool in the development of content for Foundation, their 100-hour web-based aviation English course explicitly designed to prepare students for English-medium professional aviation training.
  • Avallain Unity: Avallain’s learning management software architecture is used as the basis of Latitude’s SaaS solution, an easy-to-handle, highly reliable learning platform architecture. Latitude uses this to publish, deliver, assign, evaluate and market educational content.

Since both of our flagship products are designed to be highly customisable and reliable, Latitude and Avallain were able to introduce them into the existing Latitude ecosystem in a matter of weeks. Thus, Latitude now benefits from highly advanced software solutions used by the world’s largest publishers.

The future of aviation English training

After the successful implementation of Avallain products in Latitude’s software during early 2019, Henry Emery, Managing Director at Latitude, already has his eyes set on future cooperation: “We’ve entered into a mutually beneficial partnership which gives us highly advanced flexible technology to further enhance our learning programmes while providing Avallain with a glimpse into the world of aviation English training. We’re already working on new ideas to further build upon this relationship and we’re certain our customers will love what we have in store for them.”



Daniel Seuling, Head of Communications