For almost 20 years, Avallain has provided the world’s most ambitious publishing houses and companies with the unique experience they require. Not to mention, with the ground-breaking technology they need to implement highly successful digital education and e-learning projects.

As industries evolve, so do their requirements, and we understand their need for an end-to-end learning management system (LMS) and learning experience platform (LXP) with top-rated e-learning features and immediate availability.

Enter: Avallain Magnet – Avallain’s new learning platform solution with powerful learning, product, and user management functions that can be implemented immediately. All in a fully intuitive user interface developed with cutting-edge features which seamlessly integrate with our leading e-learning authoring tool, Avallain Author. 


End-to-end LMS also means limitless content creation

Avallain’s new out-of-the-box learning platform works seamlessly integrated with Avallain Author. Together, they unlock an all-in-one solution with unlimited options for content creators, opening up a sharp and intuitive publishing process. This solution creates fully interactive, responsive, highly individualised and thoroughly engaging learning materials.

In addition, this connection between Avallain Author and Avallain Magnet provides greater security and stability to your content creation and management strategy:

  • Content is hosted and managed in a reliable, independent e-learning authoring tool.
  • Content can be re-used without limitations, organised into sophisticated structures, and published instantly to your learning platform powered by Avallain Magnet.  
  • Meanwhile, content creators are able to expand their possibilities to deliver intuitive and engaging learning materials.

This unlocks a straightforward, intelligent and agile publishing process that speeds up the creation, management and distribution of courses and products to teachers, trainers and learners.

What makes Avallain Magnet unique is that it understands the importance of keeping all stages of digital learning working together – without working in silos, but also without losing the most important capabilities which allow you to deliver top-quality learning experiences to your target audiences. 

A laptop shows the Learner Dashboard with the available courses in Avallain Magnet

Learners Dashboard, Courses View


Your comprehensive learning management system, ready to go!

Whether you are looking for a digital platform to:

  • complement or substitute your printed learning material, 
  • use a subscription-based model or one that combines different tiers of free and paid content,
  • establish a digital training academy,
  • or provide additional business continuity,

Avallain Magnet provides you with everything you need to meet your educational and business needs, regardless of the industry you are working in and with no time-to-market.​

Our new learning platform combines Avallain’s almost 20 years of experience in the digital education industry with proven and cutting-edge technologies. This way, you will be able to realise your very own learning management system and learning experience platforms, with no setup costs and no waiting times. 

With the option to easily set up separate portals with their own identity for each of your clients or end-user segments, businesses of any size and from any industry can provide their users with truly unique learning experiences.

A tablet shows a learning material created in Avallain Author and published in Avallain Magnet

Learning activity, created in Avallain Author and seamlessly published to Avallain Magnet



Built-in LMS and LXP features for teachers, trainers and learners


Teachers and trainers can use various built-in features of Avallain Magnet to create the best learning experiences possible, from automatically or manually marking interactive exercises, to live online teaching and mentoring through individual or group sessions. 

With intuitive Teacher Dashboards that display statistics on courses and learners, teachers and trainers can use Avallain Magnet’s advanced Gradebook feature to gain valuable information about how individual learners approach their exercises: Where did they seem to struggle and where did they excel? 

These statistics are a vital part of a fully individualised, responsive teaching style and Avallain Magnet is ready to measure and collate them, without complex interfaces to worry about. Of course, teachers and trainers will also be able to view the overall scores of their learners at all times. As a fully-fledged learning management system and learning experience platform, Avallain Magnet is built to accommodate various digital learning approaches.

From their intuitive dashboards, learners can efficiently work through the learning materials that are assigned to them either by teachers or after self-subscribing to the available courses and products. This enables learners to train specific skills while benefiting from the advanced mentoring functionalities that come with Avallain Magnet.

An iMac shows the Teacher Courses Overview in Avallain Magnet and its Learning Management System and Learning Experience Platform features

Teacher Dashboard. Course overview with learners’ average score


The best digital learning solution for your business

Another powerful feature of Avallain Magnet is its fully integrated token system, which makes it possible to operate different access and product strategies at the same time. It is also possible to launch different subscription models according to the individual requirements of your commercial strategy. This enables companies of any size and from any industry to have full control over the access and usage of their learning products. 

The process is as simple as organising content structures into courses, then courses into products, and distributing them via the built-in token system to your end-users. Also, with dedicated user roles for teachers and learners, the option to bulk-create end-users and groups as well as the ability to create separate portals with their respective logos for each customer, every organisation can launch their own learning management system and learning experience platform effectively and with full control over their business model. 

With an unlimited number of courses, products and tokens, Avallain Magnet opens the door to further business development and rapid business growth. We cater to companies of all sizes and Avallain Magnet works without any scalability issues. As Avallain Magnet works on our shared cloud-based hosting solution, there are no setup costs to obtain a robust, agile end-to-end solution for content creation and learning management – all in one, immediately available. Avallain Magnet. Digital Learning, solved.


Daniel Seuling
Head of Marketing and Sales


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