From banks and private equity companies to insurance companies and any other kind of financial institution: In the financial sector, strict requirements have to be met concerning the way customers may be treated, who may be traded with and how data must be handled. Failure to meet these requirements can lead to expensive legal sanctions or even prison sentences. Therefore, regular employee training is essential at all levels of the company.

Avallain’s e-learning tools enable financial institutions to take full advantage of the benefits of digitisation, meeting the need for training as described above by developing their own digital training system as well as interactive online training content. In addition, these tools can also be used to train employees regarding new products or the topic of cyber security and to keep them up-to-date in these areas.

Key Features

  • Flexible, scalable solutions
  • Easy to start
  • Create interactive learning and training content
  • Individualised, adaptive learning paths
  • Learning groups and live training

Main Benefits

  • Gamification and certification
  • Highest security and data protection standards
  • Analyses and reports
  • Independent learning and teaching anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • User management with differentiated roles such as “teacher” or “learner”

Our product recommendation for your industry

LMS and LXP Software

Avallain Magnet

An all-in-one learning management system (LMS) and learning experience platform (LXP). Enhance your content and launch your personalised learning platform with cutting-edge features that help you deliver, analyse and improve the digital education experience.

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