Business, Private and Language Schools

We are aware of the increasing need for remote learning solutions in education to cover a wider range of learners and to provide more individualised and independent learning experiences through the use of technology.

That is why we provide e-learning tools that enable language, business and private schools to enhance and optimise the online learning content they provide. Furthermore, they can use our tools to digitally transform their teaching methods as well as assessment and certification processes in order to make them independent of any individual location.

Key Features

  • Flexible, scalable solutions
  • Easy to start
  • Create interactive learning content
  • Individualised, adaptive learning paths
  • Learning group and mentoring functionalities

Main Benefits

  • Live teaching and homeschooling
  • Whiteboard functionalities
  • Gamification
  • Analyses and reports
  • Evaluation and certification management

Unique Advantages

  • Independent learning and teaching anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • User management with differentiated roles such as “teacher” or “learner”
  • Marketing and distribution functionalities for selling licenses
  • Highest security and data protection standards
Our product recommendation for your industry

Interactive Content, solved.

Avallain Author | Online Authoring Tool for Educational and Business Solutions

Avallain Author

Meet Avallain Author, the world’s most flexible and powerful e-learning authoring tool developed in partnership with many of the leading educational publishers, which enables you to quickly and easily design and create truly original, interactive and responsive educational content.

Digital Learning, solved.

Avallain Magnet

Your all-in-one learning management system (LMS) with no setup cost or delay that combines powerful authoring capabilities with cutting edge learning, user and product management features, enabling you to create, deliver and analyse all types of interactive digital education.


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