For more than a quarter of a century, Difusión has played a leading role in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. Now, its launch of Campus Difusión underscores its place at the vanguard of the industry. Prepared and delivered on groundbreaking Avallain technology, Campus Difusión brings a dynamic and responsive digital dimension to Difusión courses, to the benefit of students, teachers and institutions.

Centred around a wealth of instructional videos, highly interactive exercises, language-controlled news activities, and digital editions of textbooks, Campus Difusión offers students a unique environment in which to learn and collaborate, and teachers a platform upon which to enhance and extend their lessons and their classroom. Students may personalize their learning, see their progress and submit work for review, while teachers are able to guide the work of their class, and set and evaluate tasks. Difusión is making this offering available to the widest possible audience with its innovative ‘freemium’ charging model, which makes much of the content cost-free, and a premium service easy to sample and access.

Katia Coppola and Jaime Sala, CEOs of Difusión commented: “We are delighted to share Campus Difusión with students and teachers, confident that it is true to our core values of exceptional quality and innovation. Campus Difusión represents a step-change not only in the way teachers and students engage, learn and teach, but also in the way we as publishers aid those interactions with enhanced content and meaningful, pedagogically useful tools. It also marks a new era in our own digital workflows, in which we are now using Avallain’s platforms to publish even more quickly and responsively.” 

Ignatz Heinz, Managing Director of Avallain, said: “We are very proud of Campus Difusión, both as a demonstration of very effective collaboration, and as an exceptional product. With a development time of only months, Difusión and Avallain had to prepare all the content and solve technical challenges such as platform integrations and a transition from Moodle, and we achieved a startling result.  With content prepared in Avallain Author and delivered seamlessly to multiple devices on the Avallain Unity learning platform, Campus Difusión achieves an elegance of architecture and a simple but engaging user experience, consistent with the very highest standards of digital publishing.”


Daniel Seuling, Head of Communications,