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UDP Access

An English language learning platform reimagined for the classrooms of Latin America, with offline/online delivery powered by Avallain Unity, and vibrant interactive textbooks and activities created with Avallain Author.
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>44.4 K
subscribed students and teachers in 11 countries
>34.2 K
digital activities created in Avallain Author
interactive textbooks and readers generated
8 months
from project start-up to market launch

At a glance


University of Dayton Publishing, an alliance of the University of Dayton and Grupo SM


To enhance University of Dayton Publishing English language courses with a learning management system suited to the realities of Latin American schools, available both online and offline, and offering a wide range of interactive resources.

Products used

Avallain Author and Avallain Unity

Initial situation

University of Dayton Publishing (UDP) provides English language courses for markets throughout Central and South America. There is a strong demand for digital learning resources, but internet connectivity is variable.

UDP had a range of digital resources to accompany coursebooks, but these did not offer teachers the flexibility of online learning management, with course planning and progress reporting.

Customer requirements

University of Dayton Publishing required an online learning environment that offered enhanced digital editions of the course textbooks, with supporting interactive learning resources.

UDP Access should be able to operate with reduced internet connectivity, making full use of the digital media on any available Internet connection. To enable mobile learning, students and teachers should be able to use UDP Access on a tablet.


Internet connectivity was, and remains, extremely limited in many of UDP’s markets. UNESCO estimated that in 2010, the proportion of connected primary schools in Brazil and Argentina, for instance, were only 41% and 29% respectively.

This threatened to limit the features and content of UDP Access. In addition, UDP required a learning platform that would suit both primary and secondary learners, whose needs and abilities differ. UDP Access would need to deliver a range of activities of various types and styles that are both rich and enticing, while also suiting the needs of both primary and secondary students and keeping within a reasonable budget and timeframe. Finally, Avallain would need to work and deliver a product in the medium of Spanish and work closely with UDP’s team in Mexico.


We deployed Avallain Unity as the underlying learning platform, which provided app-based support for offline learning on PCs and tablets.

The accompanying apps deliver both the content and interface without an internet connection, and then synchronise with the platform when an internet connection is available. University of Dayton Publishing made full use of Avallain Unity’s flexible architecture and distinct design layer to create separate primary and secondary instances of the platform. Enhanced textbooks, interactive activities and other digital resources were created with Avallain Author, making use of custom design templates appropriate to primary and secondary students. UDP Access is now supported locally by Avallain’s newly established presence in Mexico, which forms part of our growing international network.


University of Dayton Publishing and Avallain collaborated over just 8 months to deliver UDP Access. To achieve this, we made full use of Avallain Author to empower editors and authors to focus on creating the extraordinary, engaging content for which UDP is renowned.

In the short development process, UDP developed thousands of interactive activities and numerous digital textbooks and readers. We worked closely with UDP, deploying Avallain Unity in order to quickly deliver a robust supporting architecture, with learning features appropriate to the realities of schooling in South and Central America. Perhaps the most notable among these was the offline learning feature, which now works seamlessly with the online platform. The result is a platform that is popular with students and teachers throughout Latin America, quickly attracting more than 44,400 users in 11 countries.

Lauren Robbins
Director of Publishing and Professional Services ELT at Grupo SM

“Our relationship with Avallain has allowed our digital offer to evolve from simple interactive content to our own groundbreaking platform that supports users both online and offline. We are delighted to have achieved a suite of digital services without technical distractions or obstacles.”

Looking for a technical partner with a love for learning, and the experience and technology to deliver? Look no further.

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