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An end-to-end digital learning platform powered by Avallain Magnet and Avallain Author, enabling the UK’s foremost provider of English training for medical professionals to create and deliver highly effective online courses.

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Specialist Language Courses (SLC) offer an unparalleled range of Medical English and English exam-focused courses and tests for doctors and nurses, making them a key provider to the NHS as well as medical universities and healthcare training organisations around the world. Their offering includes not only training but also uniquely effective course materials, and digital delivery has become a signature part of their service.

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Creating a uniquely flexible digital platform to enable SLC to create and deliver engaging specialist courses, as a support to both their own internal training, and that of their institutional and corporate clients around the world.

Specialist Language Courses | Success Story | Avallain | Initial Situation

Initial situation

The international medical community is increasingly mobile and collaborative, which is why there has never been a greater demand for Medical English. SLC required a robust digital solution that could scale in line with this demand, allowing them to create content honed for their specialist purposes, and deliver online courses to countries all around the world.

SLC had a large amount of content in non-standard digital formats, and they needed to re-author this material swiftly and creatively to meet the need. SLC’s previous learning management system was no longer ideal and required an immediate replacement.

Specialist Language Courses | Success Story | Avallain | Customer Requirements

Customer requirements

SLC required a flexible and powerful authoring tool capable of rendering engaging, interactive content, often with complex subject matter, while offering their writers control and efficiency in the authoring process. They needed to publish this content seamlessly to a learning environment, where they would be able to deliver courses and assessments to students and teachers, often in combination with video conferencing. Courses needed to be delivered both to PCs and mobile devices and allow for both blended learning and self-study.

SLC needed to be able to monitor progress and generate academic reports, as well as control users and subscriptions. They also wished to offer its institutional and corporate clients their own login portals, branding and administrative control.

Specialist Language Courses | Success Story | Avallain | Challenges


The solution was required within an extremely tight time frame, and without development costs. Throughout, a focus had to be kept on the quality of the learning experience, content that is engaging and instructive, and assessments that are reliable. All existing online content and users had to be ported across to the new solution without any significant interruption of service.

Planning and rollout had to happen during the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown, and so all liaison had to be done through online meetings and collaboration tools.

Specialist Language Courses | Success Story | Avallain | Solutions


SLC became the first-ever customer for Avallain Magnet, which requires zero setup investment or delay, and combines powerful authoring capabilities with a cutting-edge learning management system (LMS). SLC’s content is authored and controlled using the best-of-breed Avallain Author toolset, included in the package, and the highly adaptable nature of Avallain Magnet means that there are no additional development costs to achieve a learning management system ideal for SLC’s students, teachers and institutional as well as corporate clients.

Users, products, subscriptions and branding can all be controlled through Magnet’s simple administrative tools. Moreover, with full video conferencing integration, Avallain Magnet puts an end to the headaches of combining courses with tutoring sessions.

Specialist Language Courses | Success Story | Avallain | Outcomes


The blended solution of Avallain Magnet and Avallain Author, bringing together authoring and delivery in one seamless package, provides a powerful and cost-effective solution to all of SLC’s digital needs. SLC’s instance of Avallain Magnet was rolled out in less than 12 hours. Thousands of activities have been created in Avallain Author, and Avallain Magnet now delivers specialist English language training to thousands of learners, and unique, branded learning environments to dozens of SLC’s clients.

Client Testimonial

Chris Moore

Managing Director

Specialist Language Courses

"Working with Avallain enables SLC to provide universities, schools, healthcare employers and medical professionals and students around the world with a unique range of specialist medical English and test preparation materials. Avallain Author allows us to create an unparalleled variety of learning activities for students. Avallain Magnet provides us - and our partners and teachers - with the ability to track student progress, review their work and manage courses in detail. Our partnership with Avallain has been integral to our success, and we are excited to see how we will work together in the future."


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Avallain Author | Online Authoring Tool for Educational and Business Solutions

Avallain Author

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