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An online learning platform featuring numerous language teaching videos, digital activities and interactive Difusión textbooks, created with Avallain Author, as well as flexible tools for enhanced learning provided by Avallain Unity and a native mobile app created by Avallain.

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Difusión is a Spanish publishing house specialised in providing instructors and students with the highest-quality Spanish as a Foreign Language (SFL) and Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) textbooks and materials.

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Activities and Textbooks Created in Avallain Author


To design and deliver a responsive language learning platform, offering interactive textbooks for Difusión courses, with supporting videos, activities and learning management tools, and enabling full multi-device flexibility.

Initial situation

Difusión had a range of digital resources to support its language teaching courses, including an online platform based on Moodle.

However, the existing technology could not be fully customised. The digital content had been prepared using a variety of processes, formats and standards, and many content types were yet to be developed, such as interactive textbooks or video-based learning activities. In addition, the accessibility and usability on mobile devices were limited.

Customer requirements

An online learning platform true to Difusión’s core values of quality and innovation, expanding the offering of Difusión textbooks to provide an enhanced experience for students and teachers in class, at home and on the move.

Supported by advanced reporting and other learning management tools, Campus Difusión would provide students and teachers with access to interactive textbooks and accompanying videos, various activities, images, grammar and lexical resources as well as interactive textbooks – on virtually any device.


Campus Difusión required a dual authoring process, converting existing Spanish language print course materials into enhanced interactive textbooks, while also preparing more than 2,000 new activities, videos, interactive textbooks and other digital resources.

The online learning platform had to be designed and delivered concurrently, giving specific thought to platform integrations, a transition from Moodle, data migrations, and Difusión’s chosen ‘freemium’ charging model. Catering to an increasing significance of mobile devices for learners and teachers alike, a native mobile app as an extension of the platform had to be developed.


In close collaboration with Difusión editorial and technical staff, we deployed Avallain Author as the content creation tool and provided the necessary training and customisations to deliver a rapid, quality-centric workflow.

Meanwhile, Avallain’s education designers worked with Difusión to develop the platform for Campus Difusión. All learning management tools, access control and support for mobile devices were provided by Avallain Unity. Throughout, Avallain made full use of its Spanish staff to ensure swift and effective collaboration. By deploying Avallain Author and Avallain Unity, costs and timescales were kept to a minimum and technical processes and architecture were simplified, all without sacrificing quality or distracting from innovation.


Using Avallain Author’s accelerated workflow, in a matter of months, the Difusión team were able to create a wealth of exceptional content, including over 2,000 interactive textbooks and digital activities, 150 videos with supporting exercises and hundreds of interactive PDFs.

The transition from Moodle to Avallain Unity resulted in a more flexible and customised online learning platform, capable of delivering state-of-the-art course management and reporting to multiple devices. Thanks to Avallain, the Campus Difusión app is available as dedicated versions for both Android and iOS devices, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the device used. For full multi-device flexibility, MS Windows and Mac OS desktop versions are also available.

Client Testimonial

Katia Coppola and Jaime Sala



"We are delighted to share Campus Difusión with students and teachers, confident that it is true to our core values of exceptional quality and innovation. Campus Difusión represents a step-change not only in the way teachers and students engage, learn and teach, but also in the way we as publishers aid those interactions with enhanced content and meaningful, pedagogically useful tools. It also marks a new era in our own digital workflows, in which we are now using Avallain’s platforms to publish even more quickly and responsively."


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Avallain Unity

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