In collaboration with Avallain, University of Dayton Publishing (UDP) operates UDP Access, a state of the art learning management system that adapts to the real-life circumstances of students and teachers in Central and South America.

UDP Access overflows with the stimulating learning content that you would expect from a creative initiative involving an innovative publisher and Avallain: enhanced digital books, unique digital readers, online projects and, of course, hundreds of interactive activities enriched with diverse media and great design. But what makes this environment even more exceptional is its accessibility. While UDP Access is fully online, it is also available for download as a companion app for tablets and desktops, so that it may be enjoyed offline.

Lauren Robbins, Director of Publishing and Professional Services ELT at Grupo SM, notes: “Our relationship with Avallain has allowed our digital offer to evolve from simple interactive content, to our own ground breaking platform that supports users both online and – as is still typical in most classrooms – offline. We are delighted to have achieved a suite of digital services that fully supports teachers and learners, without technical distractions or obstacles.”

Ursula Suter, Co-Founder of Avallain remarked: “Our engagement in Mexico started in 2013, led by our engaging and exciting work with UDP. Since then, our decision to invest in a local support presence has been vindicated again and again, by our great collaboration with UDP, by the general growth of the digital market in the region, and by the enthusiasm with which creative and targeted solutions are received.”

University of Dayton Publishing is a publisher of print and digital ELT/ESL courses and support materials for preschool, primary and secondary schools in Mexico and Latin America. It is the result of the strategic alliance between the University of Dayton – a private university in Dayton, Ohio, USA – and the SM Group.


Daniel Seuling, Head of Communications,