An Avallain-supported English language teaching application has won the English-Speaking Union’s top award. Richmond Mazes: Crisis at Clifton is an interactive, graded digital reader focusing on real-life work scenarios.

Richmond International, an Oxford-based English Language Teaching publisher, published the digital edition using Avallain Author software.

“We are delighted that this application was recognized by the ESU’s President’s Award,” said Ignatz Heinz, Avallain MD. “This reader successfully combines innovative software design, scenario-based training principles, and proven English language teaching pedagogy. It maximizes the potential of our learning technology.”

Avallain is an international education technology enterprise with headquarters in Switzerland.

Crisis at Clifton is part of the Richmond Mazes series, available in digital and print formats. The reader is challenged to really comprehend what they have read by being asked to take decisions at the end of each section.

Luke Baxter, Digital Publisher at Richmond explains: “The stories are set in realistic business settings and follow a professional path of someone getting their first proper job to more senior management positions.”

The ESU especially commended the learning application for its use of audio clips, illustrations, and decision trees, which allow students to repeat activities as needed. The ESU is a registered, UK-based charity aiming to empower people of different languages and cultures using English as a common language.