avallain magnet release 6

Release 6:

Unleash your digital learning strategy with powerful structuring and seamless publishing from Avallain Author!

Latest Features



Powerful Structuring and Seamless Publishing

With the arrival of Avallain Magnet 6, course publishing has never been easier.

Create structures of any complexity in Avallain Author’s intuitive Structure Tool and then, at the click of a button, publish them instantly, with all of their LOs, to Avallain Magnet. You can publish either to an existing course, or to a brand new one.

Avallain Magnet 6 further streamlines your publishing, enabling you to focus on creating the very best educational content and ultimately, deliver remarkable products, even faster.

→ Available on November 17th



Token Subscription Start & End Dates

You can now set a start and end date for token batches generated in the Magnet CMS, giving you even more control over your digital learning strategy. This new feature allows you easily to decide when learners should gain access to a course, and when this access must come to an end.

Now, courses that have not yet started will be visible to learners from their dashboard in an inactive state, with the start date displayed to inform them when it will become active.

This is a highly effective way to increase learner engagement and at the same time, give you much greater control over both your business model and the lifecycle of your learning content.



Magnet Messaging

With its new messaging toolset, Avallain Magnet 6 brings the learning conversation to life.

Magnet Messaging enables your teachers, trainers and learners to chat with each other about lessons and learning tasks without leaving your learning platform. For example, teachers and trainers can send messages to each other to coordinate their work, and send reminders or information to learners about their courses, new assignments and their performance.

With Magnet Messaging, communication is seamless and easy, and it all happens instantly.