With up-to-date articles on current digital education concepts and technologies, Education Technology Insights is an important resource as well as a platform for discussion within the edtech community. For three years now, the US-based magazine has featured articles by some of the most renowned educators and innovators, providing groundbreaking insights into the role of education technology today.

We are proud to announce that this month’s issue of Education Technology Insights features Avallain on the list of Top 10 Digital Solution Providers 2017 – including a feature article about our company which is sure to draw attention.

Presenting 15 years of e-learning innovation

The article charts the course of our company, from the first training software which Avallain co-founder and Managing Director Ignatz Heinz created in 1984 as well as our pioneering Learning Content Management System, developed after the company’s founding in 2002, to our present-day status as one of the world’s leading digital education technology innovators. It also mentions Avallain Foundation’s charitable work in places such as Kenya.

Education Technology Insights’ article also introduces the magazine’s audience to our core products, Avallain Author and Avallain Unity. Doing so, it cites some of our greatest achievements, from Oxford University Press’ Kerboodle platform to our work on Pearson’s Poptropica English.

“We are thrilled to be part of Education Technology Insights’ Top 10 Digital Solution Providers this year”, says Ignatz Heinz. “We strongly believe that this is proof of our dedication to the satisfaction of our customers.”

“We hope the article will allow a wider audience to understand just how much digital technology such as Avallain Author and Avallain Unity can improve the effectiveness of education”, says Ursula Suter, co-founder and Managing Director of Avallain. “We appreciate Education Technology Insights for including us in their top 10 list. This is a huge success for the company and living proof of the passionate daily work of our employees, who made this success possible in the first place.”

What the future holds

Avallain has never been a company that rests on its laurels. Thus, being one of Education Technology Insights’ Top 10 Digital Solution Providers of 2017 encourages us to go even further. Having recently scaled up considerably, we are confident to be able to provide more technological innovation and even better service to our customers in the future.



Daniel Seuling, Head of Communications, dseuling@avallain.com