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8. November 2018

Avallain Author version 4.10: Let your learners‘ voices be heard – and understood!


Three months ago, Avallain reimagined digital maths learning by including full GeoGebra support in Avallain Author. Now, with the release of Avallain Author version 4.10, another innovation is at hand: The all-new Activity Type Voice which checks and marks recorded learner speech automatically. Together with a plethora of additional options and enhancements, this allows Avallain Author 4.10 users to create highly individualised learning experiences in all areas of digital education.

New Activity Type: Voice

Avallain Author’s new Activity Type Voice gives content creators who have purchased the corresponding 3rd-party license the ability to create speech recording activities which are automatically checked, providing instant feedback. AI-based algorithms identify and understand recorded speech, intelligently comparing it to the desired pronunciation. Even better: The program gives automatic feedback by turning words green if they were pronounced correctly. This immediate feedback is invaluable in preventing learners from turning the occasional mistake into an ingrained pronunciation error.

More options

Existing functionalities have also received several additions and enhancements in Avallain Author 4.10:

New values for Reveal Object

Whenever learners need to go through the materials step-by-step, the Global Option Reveal Object comes into play. Avallain Author 4.10 features two values to provide a high versatility:

  • Progressive reveal: This allows learners to progressively reveal text passages by clicking on a corresponding button.
  • Progressive plus hide: In addition to revealing text, this value also allows it to be hidden again.

Furthermore, it is now possible to group several paragraphs of hidden text so that they appear together when using the two values.

This option is particularly useful for complex multi-step exercises as it allows learners to go through and understand each step individually.

New LO Option Check Answers Display

Direct feedback is essential during the teaching process, but sometimes, immediate feedback might not be required or desirable. Thus, Avallain Author 4.10 allows content creators to suppress the feedback dialogue which is displayed when learners click on the “Check Answer” button.

Additional editable text boxes for LO Option Show Submit

To fully individualise Learning Objects, the LO Option Show Submit now enables content creators to customise five text boxes:

  • Submit button
  • Dialogue heading
  • Dialogue message
  • Confirm button
  • Cancel button

This option also allows for individual customising of the tooltip dialogue to suit the needs of specific learning audiences and scenarios.

eBook history function

When authoring eBooks, content creators now have the option of switching to previous versions of the same book by choosing from a list. Thus, mistakes during the authoring process can be easily corrected, making the entire process more efficient.

Deleting individual pages from eBooks

When authoring an eBook, it may be necessary to delete individual pages. Avallain Author now provides content creators with the ability to simply delete such pages completely from the book as well as the option to also delete any solutions pages linked to the deleted page. All following pages are automatically moved forward without breaking any embedded hotspots or audios, ensuring coherence.

Avallain Author 4.10 – the most advanced authoring experience yet

By adding the new Activity Type Voice and several advanced options, Avallain once again uses cutting-edge digital technology to realise the wishes of Avallain Author customers all over the world.

“With Avallain Author 4.10, we make eBook authoring easier than ever and help cut the workload of teachers as well as engage learners by having speech exercises checked and marked automatically by the program,” says Max Bondi, Product Manager Avallain Author. “This enables our customers to create truly unique, individualised and effective learning activities for their learners. We are looking forward to seeing in which direction they will take Avallain Author with their upcoming feedback. The next batch of new features is going to be released in less than 12 weeks.”



Daniel Seuling, Head of Communications



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