Image: Cambridge University Press; Credit: CUP; Source

Following a successful one-year rollout at the globally-renowned educational publisher Cambridge University Press (CUP), Avallain Author has become the ELT division’s central production system for interactive learning content, and delivered no fewer than 5,000 learning objects for a range of products.

The extensive collaboration involved integrating Avallain Author content with CUP’s industry-leading digital platform the ‘Cambridge Learning Management System’. Avallain and Cambridge are now pressing ahead with new content formats to support learners and teachers, including advanced digital books.

Alice Fleet, Technology Director for ELT, Cambridge University Press, said: “We are very pleased with the way that Avallain Author has been integrated into our processes, and with the thousands of learning objects it has already generated. We look forward to exploring the next phase of our production strategy with Avallain.”

Ignatz Heinz, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Avallain, commented: “It has been a pleasure to bring Avallain Author to such an advanced and established digital production team, and to see our tools and processes quickly adopted and making a difference. We are now keen to build on these successes and expand our mutual endeavour.”

Cambridge University Press is the world’s oldest media business, established in 1534, and is the publishing arm of the University of Cambridge. Its methods and approaches in the teaching and learning of English reflect the most up-to-date research and international best practice. The company is a leading global educational publisher for schools and colleges, and for the teaching and learning of the English language.

Avallain Author is a flexible and powerful platform for designing, authoring, and efficiently producing interactive educational products. It enables editors and teachers to create highly interactive, rich digital education solutions. Promoting educational design over technology hype, Avallain Author production processes and workflows provide a flexible and robust solution for educational content.



Daniel Seuling, Head of Communications,