Avallain’s co-founder, Ursula Suter, has been invited by The International Conference for E-Learning in the Workplace (ICELW) to present her vision for a revolution in the way educational resources are authored and delivered.

Speaking this week at Columbia University in New York, the Swiss educationalist and entrepreneur will outline how innovations in e-learning offer opportunities to enhance training for an increasingly dispersed and pressured workplace. Suter will explain how in the past, many attempts to deliver relevant and responsive online training have been frustrated by considerations of cost, time and complexity. She will then show how Avallain’s online authoring platform, Avallain Author, and its sister learning platform, Avallain Unity, allow institutions and training professionals to overcome these constraints.

In her conference session on June 17th, Suter will describe how Avallain Author allows training professionals to choose activity types and formats that best suit the material, and then, using the unique innovation of “Design Packs”, deliver them in a bespoke design and interface. Drawing examples from a range of Avallain projects, Suter will explain how a standards-based, modular architecture means that training may be delivered seamlessly to multiple devices and platforms. But she will argue that the flexibility need not end there. Suter will show how the Avallain Unity platform picks up where Avallain Author leaves off, providing a unique object-oriented approach to learning management, so that high quality, responsive content is delivered in an equally responsive environment.

To close her session, Suter will present experience and research drawn from Avallain’s a-ACADEMY, an e-learning programme for schools in Kenya endorsed by the Kenyan government. She will show a-ACADEMY’s substantive, measurable results, proving the real impact of properly devised and delivered e-learning.

“At Avallain, we believe that technology must never eclipse inspiring and effective educational design,” comments Suter, who has been working in the field of e-learning since 1997. “We wanted to develop tools that empower educators to devise, shape and deliver online learning to suit their changing needs, without the involvement of technologists. I welcome this opportunity to show how these tools are already delivering real outcomes in a variety of educational contexts.”

The ICELW is an international conference bringing together the corporate and academic worlds to realize the vast potential of e-learning in business and industry. This year’s conference will be held at Columbia University in New York, from June 15th-17th.





Daniel Seuling, Head of Communications, dseuling@avallain.com