Avallain is delighted to announce the first certifications awarded under the brand new Avallain Author Training & Certification Programme

Those recognised include dozens of independent freelance editors, writers and publishing professionals, along with the content team of Weblink Software, which becomes the first Avallain Author Certified Team. All trainees have completed an extensive six-hour self-study course and a certification module, which assesses both acquired knowledge and practical skills. Certified professionals and teams are able to demonstrate and promote their Avallain Author skills to the wider industry, opening up opportunities to work on the hundreds of projects delivered on Avallain Author each year by clients such as Oxford University Press, Pearson, Cambridge University Press, Santillana and Cengage.

Avallain Author has become the central digital content creation tool in the education industry. The new Training & Certification Programme ensures that content professionals — whether in-house or out-of-house — have an excellent foundation in the many capabilities of Avallain Author and are able to demonstrate their skills to colleagues, publishers and institutions. In addition, by certifying at least 5 team members and retaining their own Author licence, content service providers and publishers can now achieve Avallain Author Certified Team status. Weblink Software is the first to be recognised with a team certification.

“As a key provider of content creation services to the educational publishing industry, Weblink Software is delighted to become the very first Avallain Author Certified Team,” said Gavan Tanham, Chairman of Weblink Software. “Given the important role that Avallain Author plays in the industry,  our team’s certification will allow us to provide and promote our services more widely, and assure our clients that their digital projects are in excellent hands.”

Many of the first content professionals to become certified are English Language Teaching specialists and can be found via an accreditations search in the ELT Publishing Professionals directory, developed in collaboration with Avallain.    

Ignatz Heinz, President and Co-Founder of Avallain said: “We have always wanted to make our Avallain Author training available to all professionals and teams – in-house or out-of-house – and to provide certification so that they can demonstrate their capabilities. These first certifications offer our clients and their providers exciting new opportunities to work together in Avallain Author, secure in the knowledge that they have all the skills needed to create groundbreaking, powerful educational content. Congratulations to all!”  


Avallain is an award-winning Swiss EdTEch and eLearning solutions provider that works with leading premium brands worldwide. The company’s mission is to unlock human potential through innovative technology-enhanced education and to enable its clients to create highly interactive e-Learning content solutions. 

Weblink Software is a complete content service provider for the ELT industry, transforming print-based content for delivery in online platforms. Trusted by the biggest publishers and the first team to be certified by Avallain, Weblink provides a hassle-free and constructive workflow to create high-quality digital outcomes.

ELT Publishing Professionals is a dynamic online directory specialised in helping ELT and educational publishers hire freelancers with the right skills, experience and accreditations for their outsourced projects. ELTpp’s CPD programme includes input from Avallain, and together they have developed a filter for publishers to find Avallain-accredited freelancers.


Daniel Seuling
Head of Marketing & Sales