Avallain Author was created over 15 years ago with the intention of establishing the most powerful and flexible digital authoring tool available to educational content creators. Over the years, it has evolved to be the central technology used by the industry, benefitting from real-world-use with educational publishers throughout the world. 

Avallain Author now provides unrivalled support for diverse content formats, use-cases, workflows and modes of learning, resulting in more than 8.5 million interactive content items – all of them developed by our clients. The more it has been used by real content creators and deployed at scale, the more sophisticated Avallain Author has become.

An essential skillset for publishers, freelancers, and content service providers  

To keep pace with the many developments in Avallain Author, Avallain has evolved its customer support and training, ensuring that clients are able to make the best use of the tool and achieve truly unique, vibrant and impactful learning experiences. 

Given the many collaborations that happen in content creation, this training should be available to everyone, from in-house editorial staff, to authors, freelancers, and content service providers. And they should have a reliable and recognised way to demonstrate their Avallain Author knowledge and skills. 

Welcome to the Avallain Author Training and Certification Programme. 

This brand-new programme combines a 6-hour video-led training course and a 2-hour certification module. Everything is delivered on Avallain’s powerful learning platform, Avallain Magnet, meaning that the course can be completed in the trainee’s own time and on any device. It includes sandboxed access to Avallain Author itself, so that trainees can practise all they have learned and establish a lasting set of skills. 

Trainees and teams that complete the training and pass the final test receive a digital certificate and badge that can be easily displayed on profiles, directories, and websites. This ensures that Avallain Author and Avallain Magnet clients are able quickly to identify skilled Author professionals and companies to help with their content programmes.

Dozens of professionals and a number of content service providers are already on their way to becoming Avallain Author certified, and upcoming cohorts are already scheduled, with seats still available. 

Those interested in joining this unique programme can visit the registration page to find more information about how to get certified on one of the most powerful and popular authoring tools in the world.



Daniel Seuling,

Head of Marketing & Sales