In a move that will benefit math publishers, teachers and learners worldwide, Avallain is expanding its partnership with WIRIS math in order to offer an enhanced range of mathematics authoring features.

Avallain’s developing partnership with the pioneering mathematics solutions provider will achieve unprecedented support for the authoring of mathematics learning resources. The all-new math features in Avallain Author will include handwriting recognition for mathematical notation, and support 2D and 3D graphics, automatic evaluation, open questions and syntax checking for open answers. These capabilities build upon the successful integration of WIRIS QUIZZES, an API for automated mathematical grading, and WIRIS EDITOR a specialist WYSIWYG editor that enables educators to present mathematical notations without the use of complex authoring scripts. The enriched WIRIS integration in Avallain Author will now make some of these notation tools available to students, too.

“Our deepening engagement with WIRIS math very much supports our strategy to evolve Avallain Author in response to the needs of our clients, including those of specific subject specialisms,” said Ignatz Heinz, Avallain MD. “These new features add substantially to the powerful mathematical notation tools already within the Author workflow. Our development teams are now devising exciting new integrations of WIRIS handwriting recognition and adaptive assessment features within Author’s activity types. We are expecting great results – for our clients, and for math students.”

Ramon Eixarch, Co-Founder and a MD of WIRIS, commented: “Our technology has already had a transformative effect on math education. The more widely it is made available to math educators around the world, the greater the benefit. As most major educational publishers are now using Avallain, we look forward to our unique functionality reaching ever more publishers, institutions, teachers and students.”

Based in Barcelona, Spain, WIRIS math is a specialist developer of proprietary HTML-based Javascript tools for mathematics education.


Daniel Seuling, Head of Communications,