Avallain is launching a new strategic proof-of-concept project together with Springer Campus, part of Springer Nature and renowned provider of correspondence courses as well as adult education materials.

Using the powerful and highly flexible authoring tool Avallain Author, the partners will jointly enhance already existing course materials and expand them with contemporary activity types and a modernised design.

An experienced partner for Springer Campus

Springer Campus offers a wide range of correspondence and certificate courses, allowing learners to do anything from attaining a Bachelor’s degree in web and media informatics to becoming a certified junior programmer. All of these courses employ a blended learning approach combining classroom sessions at renowned universities with distance learning and e-learning elements. Thus, they are ideally suited for the educational needs of learners in full-time employment.

“Cooperating with our partners at several renowned universities, we have used this approach to create distance learning courses which combine high-quality materials with an individualised didactic design. With this strategy, we have achieved a particularly high level of participant satisfaction,” says Merlet Behncke-Braunbeck, Executive Editor for correspondence courses and adult education at Springer Campus. “To maintain this high standard of quality, our e-learning solutions use best-of-breed solutions exclusively”, she explains, “and thus, we were immediately impressed by Avallain Author.”

Revised and new content, created with Avallain Author

Avallain Author will be used both for revising already existing materials as well as creating entirely new courses within the e-learning area of Springer Campus’ services. This way, course participants will benefit from all the advantages of the advanced authoring tool:

  • Learning materials of the highest technical and didactic quality

  • Flexible learning processes and intuitive user interfaces

  • Perfect integration of materials into existing e-learning structures

“Alongside its widely-recognised quality, Avallain Author’s openness to imports from existing XML sources were undoubtedly two of the main reasons for the e-learning experts at Springer Campus to choose to work with us,” says Markus Hartmann, Director of Professional Services DACH at Avallain, “though Avallain’s experience and consulting expertise probably also played their part in that decision. As a partner with extensive technological as well as editorial experience, we can react to feedback immediately and adapt Avallain Author to the requirements of Springer Campus at any time.”

Creating the future of distance learning with Springer Campus and Avallain

Course participants will probably notice the results of this proof-of-concept project very soon. Thanks to Avallain Author, the materials available will become more flexible and numerous – without losing the great didactic quality which Springer Campus stands for.



Daniel Seuling, Head of Communications, dseuling@avallain.com