As one of the key publishers for French as a Foreign Language (FLE) throughout the Francophone world, Éditions Maison des Langues (EMDL) is no stranger to innovation and driving new standards. However its newly-launched Espace Virtuel, a French language learning environment developed by Avallain and prepared on Avallain platforms, is set to change the way the French language is learned – and taught.

EMDL places its relationship with teachers at the heart of its publishing processes, using teacher workshops, surveys and conferences to ensure that its courses and methodologies are the most current and practical available. This approach has been critical to the development of Espace Virtuel as a responsive, integrated service, and one which embraces the principle of a ‘flipped classroom’, while also supporting traditional classroom learning. Searches filtered by grammar and language point allow teachers to assemble the resources that best suit their course and their class, and then monitor the performance of individual students, wherever the activities are completed. The bank of self-correcting activities and video resources will be updated regularly, making Espace Virtuel into an endlessly evolving service, capable of responding to new demands, trends and developments. In September, it will also be made available on computer, tablet and smartphone, ensuring that it is accessible wherever and whenever there is an opportunity to learn.

Emilio Marill, EMDL’s Head of Digital Publishing commented: “The Internet and ICT can all too easily become a source of stress and extra work for teachers, rather than a help. Espace Virtuel provides teachers with a one-stop tool, allowing them to extend the walls of the classroom while offering a versatile, turnkey solution for use in class. It represents a change of mentality: we no longer wish to offer a range of partitioned, disconnected products but instead, an integral service of assistance and support. We are delighted with all that Avallain’s technology and expertise has helped us to achieve.”

Ignatz Heinz, Managing Director of Avallain, said: “EMDL’s Espace Virtuel is a true success story, both as a responsive and dynamic learning environment, and as a partnership between firms of shared vision. We are certain that the quality and depth of Espace Virtuel, along with EMDL’s commitment to ongoing publishing and enhancement, will establish it as a unique and important addition to FLE education. Avallain will continue to play its part, providing Avallain Author for the preparation of premium content, and Avallain Unity to complement those resources with reliable and helpful educational tools.”

Éditions Maison des Langues is a leading publisher of language learning materials for high schools, colleges and adult learners. Supported by commercial partnerships with the renowned publishing houses Klett and Difusión, EMDL publishes courses and supporting materials for French, Italian, German and Spanish language learning.



Daniel Seuling, Head of Communications,