Training & Certification Programme

Empower yourself or your team to create more sophisticated and engaging interactive content in the most powerful digital authoring tool in the world. This unique programme sets a new benchmark for digital publishing skills and ensures that you are able to make the most of everything Avallain Author has to offer.

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What would you gain by enrolling?

  • 'Avallain Author Certified' status (and badge!) to promote on your professional profiles and elsewhere. Increase your appeal to the many publishers and content service providers using Avallain Author to create their digital content.
  • A 3-4 hour certification module delivered in Magnet which will assess understanding of Author. 
  • 'Avallain Author Certified Team' status for teams of 5 or more certified staff members within a company*. As well as receiving individual and team certificates and badges, Certified Teams are listed on the Avallain website and will be actively communicated to enquiring publishers.
  • 10 hours of video-based Author training delivered in Avallain Magnet, our all-in-one learning management system.
  • Practical tasks in Author itself, for hands-on experience. 

*Companies wishing to qualify an Avallain Author Certified Team must hold a licence for Author Enterprise or Author Team. Author Certified Teams qualify for a 15% discount on Author Enterprise, or a 30% discount on Author Team.

Avallain Author clients include:

Key information about the course

➤ When will the course start?

The next courses with availability begin on 8th July 2024 and 9th September 2024. You or your team will be allocated the earliest available seat(s) at the time of registration. You will have access to the course for 30 days to complete both modules.

➤ When and how will I receive the login details to start the course?

You or your team will receive your login details and some introductory course information at least 3 days in advance of course commencement.

➤ How many applicants are admitted per course?

As the certification module is personally assessed by Avallain's training team, only a fixed number of applicants may complete the course per calendar month. Places will be offered in the earliest available month and confirmed on receipt of payment.

➤ What happens if the allocated month doesn't work for me?

If the allocated month is not convenient, we will consult with you to find an alternative. If this is not possible, you will not be charged.

➤ Can I take the certification module again if I fail on my first attempt?

If a candidate is unsuccessful when first completing the certification module, there will be an opportunity to retake.

➤ What does the course actually cover?

The course looks at all the elements and options needed to create a complete course ready to be published to your platform. It includes how to set up and manage a project in Avallain Author, LO options, the main activity types, how to create an e-book, how to publish your course and a final course-building exercise which is part of your final assessment. You can find further details of the syllabus here.

➤ Do you need help?

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Training and Certification

 GBP 299 / per person

Stand out among thousands of content creators using Avallain Author around the world.

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