Release 38

Pro editing features, more accessibility, and even better interactivity!

Release 38 focuses on improving performance, accessibility and customisation but also brings you a new mobile-friendly version of Avallain’s gamified Crossword activity type as well as new video player options, improved source editing and other exciting features.


Source formatting

The HTML source view of any rich text area in Avallain Author will now show a formatted source with syntax highlighting. This makes it much easier for skilled content creators to work with the source view. Furthermore, syntax highlighting will allow content creators to spot errors more quickly.

Remember to enable the option Source Button in Project Settings - Global Options to be able to see the HTML source in any rich text area.

Source view with formatting and syntax highlighting


In order to provide a fuller picture of the LOs in your project, both the Project Report and Full Project Report now contain an additional column listing the selected Design Pack of the LO.

This will allow Avallain Author users to filter and sort the reports by Design Pack and quickly find all LOs using a specific Design Pack.

Example Project Report with new column Design Pack


New option: Video Speed

The new Global Option Video Speed works similarly to the existing option Audio Speed. If enabled, learners can adjust the playback speed of the video. 

Using this option might require changes to custom Design Packs.

Video player with speed controls enabled

Extended coverage: Try Again with Free Writing

The option Try Again has been extended to also work with Free Writing (Activity Class Input:Creative:Free Writing). If enabled, learners can use the Try Again button to change their answers in a Free Writing activity after the LO has been submitted.

Content creators should choose Clear all to remove learners’ answers from Free Writing activities when pressing Try Again. Other option values will keep learners’ answers.

Try again with Input:Creative:Free Writing


Mobile-friendly version of Crossword

Avallain's Design Pack Mercury now features a mobile-friendly version of Crossword (Input:Completion:Crossword). If you are using a custom Design Pack, contact our Customer Success Team to find out how to opt into using this mobile-friendly version.

Mobile-friendly version of Input:Completion:Crossword

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